Saturday, August 3, 2013

Family and Food Make a Family Reunion.

I want to thank my cousin Tim L. Holland for putting the program together this year and for providing the photos you see on this page for this year's Holland Reunion Fairplay Texas postings. He has a lot more on his facebook page. Tim did a great job this year: he got the mailed invitations out with the correct date. And, if only I had read it more closely, I would have posted the correct date for this year. I might have contributed to the confusion about the date of the Holland Reunion in Fairplay Texas is held. This year it has returned to the First Saturday of August. It always held at the Allison Chapell in Fairplay from 10:30 to 1:3o with Lunch at NOON. I had changed it from the First Saturday to the Second Saturday to make it easier for the Hollands in Tennessee to come down for the reunion: it conflicted with the Methodist Church Calendar up there. The old date was a good date, and I suspect that the First Saturday will be the permanent date for future Holland Family Reunions in Fairplay Texas Hope to see you there next year or in the years that come later. Fred L. Holland, son of Dr. V.M. Holland

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