Thursday, July 26, 2012

What is a Holland?

"What is a Holland?" produced and narrated by Tim L Holland
Posted by Fred L. Holland, Dallas, Texas, August 2013

The Holland Reunion is on August 11 in Fairplay Texas at 10:00 AM. Each year for the past four years, I have attempted to distribute something of the Holland Family history and this year I am returning to a video that Tim L Holland did years ago called "What is a Holland?" It was my first attempt to present the Faces and Voices of the past at the reunion. Last year, I presented a CD containing the Holland Family History Scrapbook that Bev Bevelyn Holland Shepherd prepared as an actually scrapbook, which she photographed for me. I am gifting Steve Holland with a very special shotgun that holds a link to the family past, much like the axe that Steve has from the Gilbert Holland, who is his Great, Great Grand Father Holland, whose family celebrates with a Reunon in Fairplay each year. Year before last I was pleased to present a DVD of a video that Sister Mary Yamagata, Ian Yamagata's mother, produced with my father Doctor V.M. Holland narration of "Holland Trails and Tales: The Migration Story of Hollands from Tennesse to Texas." It was one of her first videos produced after she graduated from SMU with her Communications degree.